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CLauncher is a launcher for Android devices that lets you customize the look of your phone while also adding a few super-interesting features and widgets.

As with many other launchers, CLauncher comes with a default theme, with its own wallpaper and rounded icons package. That said, you can also download lots of extra customization packages from the app's own interface.

One of CLauncher's most outstanding features is the option to use a quick gesture (pinching an area on the screen) to hide an application. This gives you one more tool in your privacy-protection toolbox.

In terms of aesthetics, Clauncher is great from the get-go, with a clean and beautiful wallpaper and a good selection of icons. In addition, its screen transitions come with a simple 3D effect.

CLauncher may not be the most elegant or useful Android launcher out there, but it is definitely a contender. The best part: it takes up just 2 megabytes of your phone's memory.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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